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TMOS Colloquia Series with Hannah Stern: Room-temperature optically detected magnetic resonance of single defects in hexagonal boron nitride
Optically addressable solid-state spins are important platforms for quantum technologies, such as repeaters and sensors. Spins in two-dimensional materials offer an advantage, as the reduced dimensionality enables feasible on-chip integration into devices. Here, we report room-temperature optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) from single carbon-related defects in hexagonal boron nitride with up to 100 times stronger contrast than the ensemble average. We identify two distinct bunching timescales in the second-order intensity-correlation measurements for ODMR-active defects, but only one for those without an ODMR response. We also observe either positive or negative ODMR signal for each defect. Based on kinematic models, we relate this bipolarity to highly tuneable internal optical rates. Finally, we resolve an ODMR fine structure in the form of an angle-dependent doublet resonance, indicative of weak but finite zero-field splitting. Our results offer a promising route towards realising a room-temperature spin-photon quantum interface in hexagonal boron nitride.

Feb 27, 2023 12:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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