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Young people in Indonesia - ANU Indonesia Institute Forum
Indonesia ranks 10th overall in youth wellbeing In the Global Youth Wellbeing Index, which is roughly in the middle of neighboring countries. Ranking second in citizen participation, what does this mean in terms of the fulfillment and enactment of rights such as economic opportunities, political and social engagement?

To mark International Human Rights Day, ANU Indonesia Institute is focusing on young Indonesians. In this forum, speakers will examine:

- Youth engagement on climate and environmental issues (Widi Laras Sari, Ryan Febrianto, PUSKAPA)
- Political perspectives of young Indonesians (Arya Fernandes, CSIS)
- Negotiating economic precarity and its relationship with religion (Inaya Rakhmani and Ariane Utomo, Universitas Indonesia and University of Melbourne). 


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