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Colloquia Series with Professor Andrei Faraon
Optical metasurfaces enable control of the phase, polarization, and amplitude of optical wavefronts with high spatial resolution that can be difficult to achieve via other means. This opens the possibility of developing new imaging devices that provide various advantages in terms of size and multi-functionality compared to conventional optical systems. Dr. Faraon discuss various imaging techniques that his group has demonstrated using dielectric metasurfaces including multi-spectral imaging using folded metasurface optics and quantitative phase imaging that enable label-free imaging of transparent bio-samples. Miniaturization of these imaging systems will extend their potentials in multiple applications including biomedical and consumer electronics. Making these capabilities dynamic would open a wide range of applications related to LIDAR, ranging, object recognition, etc. Unfortunately, most tuning methods rely on small changes in refractive index, that require metasurface structures with high quality factor resonances that are very sensitive to fabrication imperfections and are hard to control. One method that does not require such high-quality resonances is based on nano-electro-mechanics. Dr. Faraon presents his group’s recent efforts in developing nano-electro-mechanical metasurfaces based on multi-mode interference. These metasurfaces are used for optical beam deflection and for controlling the chiral properties.

Sep 7, 2022 09:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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